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Below is a list of vaious websites where one can get more information about Lithops, if you want to add a link to the list, you are welcome to email me and I will add the link. You can email me at .

Societies & clubs

Cactus & Co
The Mesemb Study Group
The South African Succulent Society
The Botanical Society of South Africa

Websites of interest

Ivan Boldyrev's Interactive Cole Locality Maps
Ivan Boldyrev's Mesemb Website
Keith Green's Lithops Scrapbook
Rafael Matysiuk's Lithops Website

Plant, seed & book suppliers

Francois Hoes - Belgium - Seeds and plants.
MESA Gardens - New Mexico - Seeds and plants.
Kambroo Plants - Gauteng, South Africa - Plants.
Silverhill Seeds - Cape Town, South Africa - Seeds and books.
Rainbow Gardens Bookshop - Arizona, USA - Books.

Online discussion forums


Lithops literature


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Cactus & Co
Aloe - The South African Succulent Society
The Mesemb Study Group Bulletin
Veld & Flora - The Botanical Society of South Africa

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