Lithops naureeniae D.T. Cole (1980)



Collected by D.t. & N.A. Cole on 29 April 1977 (C304, PRE), following information received from Bruce Beyer and Peter V. Bruyns, who discovered it in November 1976. Named for Mrs Naureen Adele Cole.


RSA: CP, in a very small area to the SE of Springbok. TL '60 km SE of Springbok' (C304), NOT in the Kamiesberg Mountains as stated by some authors.
Stone: Reddish-brown and pink gneiss.


Rather variable, with a character which cannot be easily defined; distinguished mainly by its divergent profile and usually fairly bold islands.
Profile bicuneate-cordate; top surface mostly ± convex, sometimes slightly lopsided with one side of the face lower than the other; fissure deep, 10-18 mm; lobes usually somewhat divergent.
Face flush to slightly elevated; mostly elongated elliptic; lobes equal-unequal; opaque + transluscent; smooth.
Margins distinct, narrow, sometimes dentate but usually very irregular with numerous peninsulas; inner margins usually extended deeply downwards at each end along the outer edges of the fissures and drawn to fine points.
Windows usually ± occluded, infrequently ± completely open.
Channels broad to narrow, irregular.
Islands usually well-defined but irregular, few to many, small to large, sometimes reduced to indistinct flecks.
Rubrications absent.
Dusky dots not visible.
Colours: Margins and islands various shades of opaque pale grey or beige, sometimes tinged with cream, pink or green. Windows & channels various shades of transluscent greyish green or greenish, brownish or reddish grey, often with a faintly reddish suffusion lining the margins. Shoulders and inner faces of fissures as for the margins, or slightly greyer and darker.
Size: Small to medium, facial diameters up to 35 X 25 mm, mostly about 25 X 20 mm. Number of heads up to 28 or more, mostly 2-5.


Lustrous yellow with white centre, small to medium, up to 35 mm Ø, mostly 25-30 mm Ø.
Seed capsules mostly 5-merous (92%), otherwise mainly 6-merous (7%), or 7-merous (1%). Profile boat-shaped, top flat to slightly convex. Face broadly elliptic to almost round, with hinge-rim, up to 9 X 7 mm, mostly about 8 X 7 mm; capsule edges angled, cell-lid edges very distinct and raised, cell-lids often transversely ribbed, with dark spots (taniniferous idioblasts) in the centre.
Seeds yellow-brown; tuberculate 2, flecked.

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* Information from COLE, DESMOND T. and NAUREEN A., (2005) Lithops Flowering Stones, Cactus&Co. Libri

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