Lithops viridis H. Lückhoff (1958)



Collected by Hilmar A. Lückhoff and Leslie J. Hill in October 1956. Latin viridis 'green'.


RSA: CP, in a very small area to the S of Loeriesfontein. We have not been able to confirm a report of this taxon occuring in close proximity to Calvinia. TL 'Between Calvinia and Loeriesfontein in shale ridges' (C127).
Stone: Weathered chert and shale. Colours grey, yellowish and brownish grey, some reddish, pinkish and greenish grey.


Distinguished by its cordate profile, deep fissures and open green windows; very uniform and easily identifiable.
Profile cordate; top surface mostly distinctly convex; fissure deep, 10-20 mm; lobes usually somewhat divergent, seldom conjunct.
Face flush to slightly elevated; mostly ± elliptic; lobes equal-unequal; transluscent; smooth.
Margins distinct, regular, or very slightly dentate.
Windows nearly always completely open, occasionally with a few very indistinct islands.
Channels mostly absent.
Islands rare, a few wispy flecks mainly near the margins.
Rubrications absent.
Dusky dots not visible.
Colours: Margins & shoulders various shades of opaque greyish pink, cream, beige or green. Windows various shades of transluscent greyish or bluish green. Islands indistinct pale grey or pinkish or greenish grey. Faces of fissures as for margins & shoulders, or flushed with pink. NB: The original description refers to some specimens becoming plum-coloured or developing spots of this colour in cultivation.
Size: Small to medium, facial diameters up to 25 x 18 mm, mostly about 20 x 15 mm. Number of heads up to 8 or more, mostly 2-4.


Yellow with white centre, small to medium, up to 35 mm Ø, mostly 25-30 mm Ø.
Seed capsules mostly 5-merous (98%), otherwise 4-merous (1%) or 6-merous (1%). Profile boat-shaped, top ± flat. Face almost round to broadly elliptic, up to 6,5 x 5 mm, mostly about 6 x 5 mm.
Seeds light brown to brown; rugose 2 to tuberculate 2, flecked.

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* Information from COLE, DESMOND T. and NAUREEN A., (2005) Lithops Flowering Stones, Cactus&Co. Libri

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